Burgers, Dogs & Fries

Burgers, Dogs & Fries


100% BEEF BURGER: - Classic, Cheese, Bacon, Holy Guacamole, Spicy Texas -

PULLED PORK BURGER:  13H WanderLust Specialty Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, Pickled red onion, Pickled cucumber, Homemade BBQ sauce.

PULLED CHICKEN BURGER: Slow cooked chicken, Coleslaw, Radish, Cucumber, Chipotle Mayo.

VEGGIE BURGER: Chickpeas, Feta, Coleslaw, Pickled red onion & Cucumber, Wasabi Mayo.


NEW YORK DOG: Sauerkraut, Mustard, Fried onion.

THAI GOURMET DOG: Marinated Veggie Mix, Thai Dressing, Cilantro

MEXICAN GOURMET DOG: Cheddar cheese, Pepper, Sour cream, Nacho crumble.

TEXAS GOURMET DOG: Hot relish, Bacon crumble, Pickles, Mustard or Ketchup.

GREEK GOURMET DOG: Feta crumble, Tomato, Tzatziki.


FRIES: Classic Belgian Fries

WEDGES: - Classic or with special dips: Hummus, Texas, Mexican-

LOADED WEDGES: Pulled Pork / Pulled Chicken / Avocado Sour Cream & Cheddar / Bacon & Cheese

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